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The REAL Doug Beckstead: Con Man, Liar, Sociopath

Doug\'s Favorite Flower - The Wild Alaskan Forget-Me-Nots

Becksteads favorite flower - the Forget-Me-Not ... how apt.

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The emails below were sent here a while ago along with a few others from one of Beckstead's numerous online targets. Notice the date and take a careful look at his words; ring any bells for other victims?

Beckstead pledges HIS love (which as a MARRIED man he has no right to do), HIS "true love" (and he makes it VERY CLEAR he does NOT mean as just 'friends') - as nonchalantly as the rest of us drink our daily water.

Beckstead whale

Try as you might Beckstead you will NEVER be a true "American hero", no matter how much you try and con anyone who will listen into believing your pathetic lies . You are not now, nor will you EVER be a real soldier, air man or an Officer of the Air Force. You are a nobody, you are a PREDATOR, scum of this earth. NOTHING you claim to do is for the greater good. You will spend the rest of your life riding on the coat-tails of others success. NOTHING that you do will change what is on these pages. Questions have been asked and answers are being given. People are listening, your lies are starting to unravel the truth behind your deceptive ways.

Doug Beckstead is a con-man and a pathological liar. HE LED some of his victims on for a number of years, into believing there was hope and a future with him. HE managed to juggle MORE than one woman whilst making them ALL the same false promises. HIS WORDS, HIS LIES, NOT his VICTIMS. All lies, because to Beckstead - all these victims were just OBJECTS for his "fun". When HE wanted or felt like it. Normal, vulnerable women with children were just so much more fun & less expense for a predator like Beckstead than porn or women he'd have to pay for. He admitted to some of his victims after they outed him, that he "found great amusement in the games he had played against them". Note the farther away they lived from him - the easier it was to play them and tell everyone around him, once questioned, that his victims were just some "scorned, sad and lonely people" who "wanted him to love them". Of course he claims his "love" was in friendship only, to cover his tracks. He goes on to tell his current target/person who he is trying to impress with his lies, that the victim "was in love with him" when sometime later it becomes blatently obvious he has played the same games on you that he has in the past against others.

The stories are all too familiar and all end with a similar theme, everyone "is in love" and or is "after" Beckstead -- in more ways than one it all becomes a sick and cruel joke played out by Beckstead at his victims expense. The one claiming to "be inlove" is Beckstead, quietly on the side to his next target of choice. Sweet-talking his way into your life and or good books with more baloney. He is a seasoned game player from way back. Do not let you or your family become his next means to an end.


Another Of Beckstead's Former Victims Comes Forward With Her Story After She Was Contacted By Another Of Beckstead's Targets:

NB: Writing in red confirms details discussed In an earlier conversation with victim, used to convey victim impact.

From: Paula G.
Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 4:49 PM
Subject: RE: Hi
To: *****@*****com


I am not sure if I plan on writing him or not. I have thought about it, just to say shame on you for hurting so many people. I probably wont for the reason that I am married now and my husband knows nothing of this. Doug Beckstead is a part of my past, a very small part, and I would rather leave it where is it..the past. I want you to know that if I had ever known that you were a part of his life, I would never have talked with him like I did. (Paula earlier admitted to engaging in regular phone sex and cyber sex with Beckstead) I am a very naive and trustful person, even of those on the internet and believed him to be what he claimed he was. (he is VERY convincing - a skilled liar) Unfortunately I have learned that there are many people who are not as they claim to be, and the internet provides a safety net to hide behind. He obviously used this many times. (YES you are right on the money with that comment) I take a small bit of responsibility for my part when Doug and I were talking. I wanted to believe what he was saying (she was love bombed by Beckstead with repeated tales of fantasy and romance), and I knew that there was a huge risk in trusting someone who I had no real access to. But, lessons have been learned from such experiences. My marriage turned out to be a good thing and I think that is a rarity in the world of online dating.

I am glad that you are getting on with your life. Be strong for yourself and your children. Everyday will be better than the one before. If you want to tell him that I know that is up to you. I can handle him no problem. I wish that we would have talked 3 years ago and maybe this all would have had a different outcome. (these victims were to find out they were not the only ones on Beckstead's bragging sled-ride to hell, there were many more to come).

Have a wonderful day. *S*



Again writing in red to explain & convey victim impact.

From: Paula G.
Date: Fri, May 18, 2007 at 1:50 PM
Subject: RE: Hey
To: *****@*****.com


I don't mind answering any questions that you might have. First off...I didn't have a relationship with Doug in 2004. It was in 2003. We started talking somewhere around July/August I believe and it only lasted until about October. So maybe 2 and half, 3 months tops. I had 3 children with my exhusband. Not sure if 3 counts as a "whole bunch" *L* NO, I never received any kind of packages from him. I sent him an Arizona's Wildcats ballcap for his birthday and he sent me a stuffed moose with a knit sweater that too said Alaska (he sent the same moose and/or bear toys to all of his victims, with different stories attached). He also sent me a small one to give to my newborn neice. He said he won the stuffed animals at the local fair (sure he did, he liked to hang out where the children were). He did mention that the moose for me was so I could have something to sleep with so I wouldnt be all alone. Like I said..he went to be with his daughter becasue he said she had cancer of some kind. I can;t remember now. while he was away we didnt really communicate too much and it gave me time to think. Prior to his leaving he had made a comment to me that he felt we "had something special going on"(he spun the same lines to ALL his girls). I liked hearing that, but also I knew that a real relationship would never work between us. I knew that he would never leave Alaska (why would he - he can get everything on offer from you for free) and I would never leave Arizona. so I figured I would end things and back away from him before I was too vested in it and wound (sp?) end up being hurt. (Paula earlier mentioned that Beckstead became angry and distant with her because she decided to "back away". Like all of his victims she grew wise to his playing and malingering ways) He sent me the book after I was married.(trying to reel you back in - he always does this - another Beckstead brag -fest) We had emailed each other and still talked as friends only at this point. We werent in contact for quite a long time. I initiated the last email with him..the one where he replied that he was going to the desert. (Beckstead's way of gaining your sympathy and attention, yet again - so typical) I had received one of those forwards emails that had to do with the people who were special at some time in your life. (Poor victim had a glimmer of hope he may not be as bad as she first thought, alas she was wrong) It made me think of him, cuz I thought he was someone I valued as a friend. After I sent it to him, he replied, just asking how things were and how I was doing. I replied back to him and asked him how his life was going and if he had ever divorced his wife (of course he had not - and he never intended to, it was all a lie to con you so he could play his sick & twisted games with you)..I have never heard from him again. *L*

I thought about emailing him, but never have. I figured bygones were bygones.

I hope you too had a great Mothers Day. Mine was like any other typical day..LOL.

Take care and feel free to write me anytime you want.





Beckstead PHOTOSHOPPED himself thinner just a few months ago! LOL

The TRUTH is Beckstead became bored and of course was BUSTED by his former targets. Please also note that the love bombing was ALL Beckstead, he told lies and manipulated the entire situation to suit his own needs at the time. One only has to read the emails he has sent to his targets to see that. He made his chosen targets feel empathy and sympathy for him, he said that his family (once their existence became known) were quote - "unsupportive, unloving and money grubbing individuals who no longer cared for him" .. unquote. He claimed he was also "going to be getting a divorce from his wife". Once he sets his eyes on fresh prey he quickly makes up the excuses and turns things around into projection and blameshifting onto YOU, his now former victim. We ALL know because he fed us the same insipid sob stories.

The email below is just one of many in Beckstead's shameful penmanship (and verbal seduction, coersion and manipulation) to purposely con those who trusted and believed in him.

(NOTE: we have VERIFIED that this is a real email. Not a faked or falsified email. Eminenting from MR. BECKSTEAD's unique IP address)




Subject: Status

Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 20:14:39 -0900

Good evenin' my fine sexy friend and lover!

Okay, let's look at this straight on. Don't worry if you can't contact me for a while. I'll still be here waiting. I'm not going anywhere and I sure as hell am not "looking" for something or someone different, you are all I ever want. So, I'll just be in a holding pattern waiting until things get worked out on the _________ end of things. Although I will really miss not getting my daily "______ fix."

Damn I wish I was there so I could be with you and the kids!!! I'm sorry that I won't be able to send an e-card to ------ for her birthday. But, please give her a hug and tell her that I am thinking about her on her birthday. You've got some really wonderful kids! Now, please don't worry about me. I'll be waiting in the background. I'm not going anywhere (well, other than Anchorage for Christmas). I'll be waiting and watching.

And the most important thing is to remember that I love you guys. Okay? I love you -- and if I could I would really like to give you a soft kiss and a big hug and tell you that everything was going to be okay. Someday soon I hope to be able to do just that.

love, hugs and kisses in special places!



Now read the below. But before you do - take a GOOD HARD LOOK at the lyrics for "Unchained Melody" which Beckstead calls his & this target's "song." Wonder if he told his poor wife that this was "their song" too??

Ohh I Just Burned You Like The Toast

This is not a JUST FRIENDS relationship and there is NO MISTAKING what BECKSTEAD himself intends & implies. A ROMANTIC & SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP/LIASON!

These emails were not ALTERED in any way!! It has been verified as coming from Mr. BECKSTEAD's computer (he has a few IPs, like his work/ home/ South Carolina IPs (re-routed) and we know all of them). This is Beckstead's cold hearted INFIDELITY.

> From:
> gt; Subject: Thanks!
> Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 18:48:57 -0800
> Thanks for the e-cards! I decided to send one response instead of three because I enjoyed all three of them.
> As for "Unchained Melody," it's not from anything in my past. It's just a real romantic song that I really happen to enjoy. I think it's from the movie "Ghost." I've got a few of those "romantic, chick flicks" that I really enjoy. In fact, today I bought a copy of "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I found it for a really good price and I scarfed it up in a flash. The other one I want to get it "The American President" with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning.
> As far as I'm concerned we can have "Unchained Melody" as our song. I think of you when I hear it. I really do need to buy a CD with it on too.
> Okay, so they don't have a lot of action and blood and guts spewing all over the place, but I still like them. Hey, a while back I even bought a copy of "Love Story," the old movie from the 1970s. Sometimes I enjoy just kicking back on the couch and watching a good old movie.
> I'm sorry about seeming abrupt in my earlier e-mail. Some things have happened and a lot of things are going bad real fast right now. There is a chance that I may have to turn down my new job. There may be a problem with my security clearance. I don't want to go into it now however. I need to talk with my new boss first and see what he thinks. I may know more next week. It's really been a huge blow to me.
> At least the one positive thing going right now is that tomorrow xxxx and I are going fishing for a while. We're hoping to catch our limit (3 salmon each). I hope we can do it fairly quickly, but I'm looking forward to spending some time with him on the creek. I'll send pictures if we catch anything.
> Oh, yesterday I bought him a neat little Nikon digital camera. I told him that I expect LOTS of pictures of him, xxx and the baby when she gets here. He seemed really happy about it. He's been reading the manual and learning all about it. It's a little Nikon that will actually fit into his pocket. It does pictures and videos. Unfortunately the videos don't have sound on them however. Maybe, if we're lucky tomorrow, we can get some videos of our fishing (and hopefully catching). It would be fun to send some to you and the kids.
> In addition to our fishing tomorrow afternoon, I have a bunch of work to do on the van and the truck. Mainly changing the oil in each, but I also need to determine which one of my U-joints are going bad in my truck. I think it's probably the rear one since I've already replaced the damn thing three times in the past 12 years. I just put a new one in last winter when I did the clutch job on it.
> I could sure use some more time down there -- I haven't even gotten to work in my woodshop yet. I had hoped on making a rocking horse for one of the guys at work. His daughter (4 months old) just had open heart surgery last week. I wanted to make one of my rocking horses for her.
> Love and hugs!
> Doug
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dolor temporarius.
> Gloria aeterna.
> Cicatrices virginibus placent.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pathological Liar

Beckstead Embellishes On Reality To Keep The Glory-Hunting, Gravy-Train Running!

Sociopath's NEVER learn a lesson, they sit quietly and bide their time until they are ready to strike again - and strike again they ALL do.
Look closely at both of these recent posts - read his words carefully.
Douglas Beckstead is a true chameleon who embellishes on any truth for a cause - his own cause.
Below he puts his own spin of words on his true occupation - a wannabe war hero - Beckstead has NEVER served in the military. He IS a civilian employed by the Air Force nothing more, although most certainly he is a lot less in character. Make no mistake, Beckstead is being watched closely, so he thinks the "look at me, I'm a good and decent guy" routine will manage to con more into his way of thinking. Beware - it is all a grandiose act for his own over blown ego. Don't be the next to fall for his misinterpretations of the truth and his twisted games.

Beckstead Comments:

"Really there's no difference (between military and civilians here). We're eating together, working together and living together. We're all in it together," Mr. Beckstead said. "I really try to break down that barrier of I'm a civilian and you're enlisted." I like the fact we're wearing the same uniform. I just try to blend in as much as I can. We're all in the same fight together and we all have the same goal."

Another Recent Comment:

Fantastic !!!
author: Doug Beckstead

I ordered the CD while sitting over here in Iraq, believe it or not, I am actually at Mortaritaville (which is not Baghdad but Balad Air Base). I have listened to the CD so many times that I am afraid I have already worn the plastic coating off it. Or maybe its this damn Iraqi dust. Either way, the songs are great and as others have said, they really sum up what it's all about being here. I hope they don't mind, but I used the song "We Hate Terrorists" as the background music for a slide show I did about the work we do on the helipad transporting wounded patients from the helos to the ER. It really summed up our feelings as we've dealt with men, women and even children (America, Iraqi and other nationalities) who have been blown up, shot, and in just plain bad situations. Thanks guys, I really enjoy the CD and have been pushing it on others recommending that they buy it too!

author: Mike

Awesome music.

Be honest now Dougie Beckstead, you are not a soldier serving over there. Spare a thought or three for the vulnerable women and children you have sexually preyed on while you listen to those soothing sounds? How many copies of that have you forwarded onto your next targets eh?
Google his name for further information.

BEWARE of this guy!


The Email Below Was Sent In Recently From Another Former Victim. This Is From A Special Agent At Elmendorf AFB Concerning The Predatory Behavior Of Beckstead: The Agents Personal Details Have Been Edited To Protect His Identity.

From: ## ####### * ** ** AFOSI/Det **** <*****.****>
Date: Thu, May 17, 2007 at 1:42 PM
Subject: Please Call
To: ****** <*****@*******.com>

*******, let me start by saying I am truly sorry for what he put you through. That is one of the reasons I took this case. Your real identity is not needed I just need as much information as possible towards Beckstead. Like you said you can not find me on the base locator, our agency is not assigned to this base. Air Force Office of Special Investigations belongs to the Inspector General of the Air Force.

I have read the _____ I need more information. When you say “Eagle” do you mean Eagle River? Was it a place that he lived? I know you are apprehensive about talking to me, but because you supplied the email to the base I need more information from you.

If you would like you can call our secretaries telephone number and ask her questions about my employment. The number is 907-******-********

Please let me know if we can talk.


Quick question, did Beckstead ___________ ________

Special Agent ****** *******

AF Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI)

Elmendorf AFB, AK

DSN- ((((((((((((((

Comm- (((((((((((((((

Fax- (((((((((((((((


Link below published with permission from our good friends at: EOPC